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Septic tanks smell, clog, back up, and need pumping for a few simple reasons. And the new household cleaners are among the chief culprits.

Bleaches, detergents, and new "miracle" cleaners may keep clothes, dishes, floors and walls clean... but they can sure mess up sewage disposal systems. Because, at the same time that they remove dirt and grime, they actually destroy the good bacteria and digestive enzymes that normally break down and liquefy solid wastes, oils, fats, and greases in cesspools and septic tanks. Then wastes pile up, drains become blocked, sewage backs up - and your system literally stinks!

Now you can save money by avoiding many pumping jobs. Simply pour KLEEN-AID into your commode, Flush... and let it go to work - with results generally visible overnight! KLEEN-AID not only adds new bacteria to replace those that have been killed off, it provides powerful, fast-acting natural clean-out enzymes to work along with the good bacteria.

Lipase breaks down the hard fats into tiny globules, amylase (or diastase) disintegrates and digests hard starches by changing them into water-soluble sugars;

Proteinase eliminates smells by turning solid organic waste matter into odor-free, biodegradable liquids.

KLEEN-AID doesn't stop there. After it turns all those system-clogging solids into liquids so they'll flow freely through your pipes and septic tank and out into the the drainfield - it contains special "wetting agents" that "open" the earth, so it can quickly absorb the liquids from the drainfield.

At the same time,
KLEEN-AID 's efficient pH controls help keep a neutral chemical balance... so your pipes won't corrode, and your surrounding soil won't become too acid or alkaline. There you are - with your pipes and tank walls cleaned out, smells gone, greases; and fats digested - all starting overnight and your septic thank problems solved quickly.

KLEEN-AID is non-poisonous, non-corrosive, non toxic... completely safe to use ... harmless to humans and animals. No wonder it's been called "the wondrous, daisy-fresh gobbler of septic tank gook!" You'll call it your Septic Tank insurance policy. Especially since it's guaranteed to deliver trouble-free use of your septic tank.

Regular use keeps tanks clean and trouble-free and may save you many pumping jobs. Excellent in cesspools, too. One 12 oz. package is enough for treatment of 1000 gallons.


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